Your Family Is Our Future

Whether you have lived in the Village of Bellwood for 10 months or 10 years, you’ve chosen our family-friendly village as your home. You appreciate the qualities that make this village a special place, including a government that provides an array of important services and resources, including police and fire protection, water and sewer services, street maintenance, and garbage and recycling services, to name a few of many.

The village’s elected officials lead the way in providing efficient, responsive services. Continued innovation, including investments in technology, process re-engineering,and engaging private contractors, makes services less expensive.

Bellwood has more than 100 years of rich history. Bike paths that connect our neighborhoods, a park and recreational facility, natural resources, youth groups, and a growing, diverse business community help make Bellwood an ideal place to live, work and play.

Residents can be assured that we continue to be proactive in maintaining and improving our quality of life. Accomplishments are reached through the combined efforts of the entire  adminisration of Mayor Andre Harvey, board of trustees, community organizations, businesses, residents and village employees. Together we work to make Bellwood a growing and vibrant village of which you can be proud.