The Village of Bellwood’s committees assist the mayor and village board in developing and reviewing various policies. Committees are not meant to administer the day-to-day operations of the village or departments, which is the duty of the mayor and village staff. Where the responsibilities or objectives of a committee may overlap regarding a specific project or event, the mayor determines which committee or committees shall work on that project or event.

In no instance shall a committee member meet to discuss committee business without informing the other committee members of the time and purpose of the meeting, as well as the results of the meeting if the other member could not attend. Committees shall not send written correspondence to any person, other than a department head, without prior approval by the mayor and village board.

The following committees hold regular meetings with department heads to ensure that the department conforms with the village’s policies and planning and fully understands the operations of the department:


Works on marketing, advertising and newsletters; reports on special events, social interests, community groups, clubs, website and public relations.

Community Development

Works on business, residential, capital improvement, inspections, code enforcement, zoning, reviews budget and public property.


Reviews budget, audits, insurance (employee and village), risk management, labor negotiations, accounts payable, purchasing policies and cost-saving measures.

Public Safety

Works with Police and Fire departments, reports and events, Bellwood Office of Emergency Management, traffic safety and reviews budget.

Quality of Life

Works with health, education, recreation, youth and seniors; reports and assists with the library, park district, school district and other organizations.


Works with Public Works, Street & Water departments, community service and village engineers; reviews budget, garbage/sewer, alleys, maintenance, equipment, sidewalks, lighting and personnel.

Traffic Safety

Comprises chairpersons of the Police, Fire and Utilities committees, Police and Fire chiefs, Public Works superintendent and village engineer. Other public safety official(s) may be called in for such meetings from time to time based upon expertise or experience.