Computer Resource Center

Committed to bridging the so-called “Digital Divide,” Bellwood provides its residents with access to a popular, state-of-the-art Computer Resources Center that is strategically located and easy to reach – and free! The center is a valued resource for students to conduct research, adult residents to prepare resumes and search for jobs online, and for senior citizens to spend time figuratively traveling to new destinations around the world through the Internet.

The multi-function center is regularly used by pre-school children and seniors alike who gain instruction and training ranging from basic computer use to job searches and how to write a resume. The Computer Resource Center, which also provides other services that make it a multi-purpose resource center, is located at:

1125 Bellwood Ave.
(708) 547-3631
(708) 547-4485 (fax)

The hours of operation are Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 7 p.m.; and closed on Saturday and Sunday.

The facility on Bellwood Avenue includes classroom space and lab space for computer technician training. It also includes office space to facilitate community outreach, and is home to community meetings, training and other events.

The center offers the latest in hardware and software by way of more than 30 workstations; wireless Internet access; MAC OS X; Microsoft operating systems (Windows 8.1, 7, Vista, XP); and Microsoft Office Suites (Enterprise, Professional and Professional Plus) . In addition, staff offers a variety of programs, services and training classes, including:

• Basic computer training
• Video conferencing
• Copying, printing, faxing (send & receive) and scanning services
• Job search assistance
• Meeting space (click here for a Special Event/Program application)

The centers double as the site of the village’s Food Pantry and is the headquarters of the Bellwood Neighborhood Watch Scholarship Fund, which works to ensure that all youth have the opportunity to obtain an education beyond high school, earn a degree and become productive citizens and role models. Students interested in applying for the scholarship should click on all three of the links below and submit original application and forms, no copies.

Click here for the guidelines for the Bellwood Neighborhood Watch Scholarship Fund
Click here for a Bellwood Neighborhood Watch Scholarship Fund Application
Click here for the Recommender Form for the Bellwood Neighborhood Watch Scholarship Fund