Village Clerk Janel Moreland

Elected Bellwood village clerk in the April 4 consolidated election, 36-year Bellwood resident Janel Moreland is former assistant vice president and manager of Pan American Bank’s branch on St. Charles Rd. – and no stranger to the village. Here she share several plans for his office:

What are among your most significant priorities since being elected village clerk?
I have had an opportunity to review ongoing initiatives and consider the following programs that I would like to focus on:

Millennials – I ran because I care about Bellwood and I will represent the youth and engage them in civic and public service life so that they see themselves as an important part of the decision making and want to get involved.

Seniors and Veterans – I will continue to advocate and provide the services and resources to ensure our seniors enjoy the quality life they deserve. My commitment is not only professional but personal, having been closely associated with many of them.

Effective Communication – Listening and addressing the concerns of all residents and business owners will ensure everyone’s voice is heard and appreciated. Taxpayers are paying for the public services that we provide. It is important for us to not only listen, but also to act on their concerns and suggestions.

How can residents and business owners share their ideas and concerns with you?
Residents and business owners must know their ideas and concerns are critically important, as the success and sustainability of the village depends on a collaborative approach. They can contact me at; at (708) 547-3500 Ext. 1103; or through the village website: They also can make an appointment to see me in person.
What else would you like for residents and business owners to know?
I don’t want my age as the defining aspect of my leadership qualities because being an effective village clerk is the same regardless of age. Having resided in the village for my entire life, I am not only vested but also passionate about the development, growth, sustainability and quality of life of the entire community. I will be the voice of the people and work diligently with the trustees and administrators to ensure that the residents and business owners’ concerns and suggestions are always at the forefront of the decision-making process. We are in this together, and together we can make a difference.