Planning Board

The Planning Board guides growth and development as Bellwood continues to evolve into an even more socially, economically and environmentally sustainable community with a commitment to the preservation of important assets, efficient use of public infrastructure, distinctive and diverse neighborhood character, free and open civic life, and choices in housing and transportation. The board is comprised of seven members who are appointed by the mayor for a four-year term.

Zoning Board

The board processes requests for re-zonings, conditional uses, special exceptions, variances and administrative appeals. The Appeals Board hears and determines all zoning appeals, basing its decisions on what will promote the health, security, morals and general welfare of the community. The board’s goals are to:

  • prevent the overcrowding of land
  • avoid undue concentration of population
  • provide adequate light and air
  • secure safety from fire, panic and other dangers
  • reduce congestion in the streets
  • and help provide adequate transportation, water, sewers, schools, parks and other public services