The Building Commissioner’s office works to ensure the health, welfare and safety of Bellwood residents. Each year, the entire village is inspected during an area exterior inspection that helps to maintain and promote property values while preserving the quality of life in Bellwood. All residential and commercial properties are inspected before selling, leasing or renting. Multiple unit and commercial properties are inspected annually.

The department issues:

  • Building permits
  • General and replacement permits
  • Room addition or new construction permits
  • Fence permits

The Building Department also manages the contractors licensing process and sale of a property. A pre-sale inspection that costs $175 is required for the sale of a house or commercial business.

Presale Inspection Cost

The Presale-Inspection fee schedule shall be as follows:

(A) Single-family dwelling:
Processing Fee: $125
Inspection Fee: $50
(B) Two-family dwelling:
Processing Fee: $150
Inspection Fee: $50
(C) Commercial/industrial property
(1) Up to 5,000 square feet:
(2) Over 5,000 square feet
Processing Fee: $175
Inspection Fee: $50
Processing Fee: $200
Inspection Fee: $50
(D) Single (Condo) multiple-family dwelling unit
Processing Fee: $150
Inspection Fee: $50
(E) Multiple-family building (each)
Processing Fee: $150
Building Inspection Fee: $50
Per Unit Inspection: $10
(F) The processing fee and the inspection fee set forth herein shall cover the cost of the initial inspection as well as one inspection to check for compliance. To the extent the Village does not perform the inspection on the property, no inspection fee shall be charged.
(G) Any additional required re-inspection for any property herein shall be charged at a rate of $125 per inspection.

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List of Codes adopted March 2020

List of Codes adopted March 2020

Village of Bellwood Adopted Codes and Ordinances 2020

2018 IBC International Building Code
2018 IRC International Residential Code
2018 IECC International Energy Conservation Code

2018 International Fire Code
2018 ISEP International Solar Energy Code
2018 IMC International Mechanical code
2018 IFGC International Fuel Gas Code
2018 ISPSC International Swimming Pool and Spa Code
2018 IPMC International Property Maintenance Code

2017 NEC National Electric CODE
2018 Part 400 State of Illinois Accessibility Code
2018 State of Illinois Energy Code
2014 State of Illinois Plumbing Code
Village of Bellwood Building Code Chapter 150

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