The Bellwood Community Policing Action Group is responsible for building and fostering partnerships between elected officials, citizens, civic organizations, and the community. Our objective is to ensure that residents have a platform to voice their concerns and ideas. Along with Mayor Harvey’s administration and the Bellwood Police Departments we can devise solutions and initiatives to ensure that residents’ interests are preserved and protected. This partnership also provides the departments with information and feedback to assist us in operating effectively and efficiently. 

The Community Policing Action Group is divided into four (4) different zones, commonly referred to as beats:
  • Zone 1 (Red)
  • Zone 2 (Yellow)
  • Zone 3 (Blue)
  • Zone 4 (Green)

Concerned citizens, police, village officials and other departments attend beat meetings to discuss issues and problems that affect our neighborhoods, and work toward solutions. All residents are welcome and encouraged to attend the meetings, which are held on the third Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. in the second floor Community Room at the Village Hall at 3200 Washington Blvd. Those interested in becoming a beat facilitator for their zone should contact Commander William Goodrum at (708) 547-3528 for more information.