Permits and/or licenses are required for various activities, events or projects within the village, including applying for a Business License. Click here for a Business License application.

Building Permits

Those wishing to make certain repairs, remodel or engage in new construction on their property must apply for a building permit. The Application for Building Permit must be submitted along with the work contract and/or copy of plans. Any outside work requires a plat of survey. Proposed jobs must comply with building and zoning codes and additional inspections may apply. 

Issuance of a building permit requires approval by the Building, Finance and Police departments. Thus, there can be no outstanding water bills, code violations or parking tickets. 

If a contractor will be performing the work, an original or copy of the contract between the parties must be produced. The contractor must be licensed and bonded plus have a current Bellwood contractor’s license. If the homeowner does his own work, The Homeowners Completion Statement must be filled out and submitted. 

Depending upon the type of work being performed, one of following types of permits is issued:


Fees vary and are calculated based upon the work being performed. 

Before the work begins, the permit card must be placed where it can easily be seen from the main street of the property and are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. 

Garage Sale Permits

Citizens wishing to sell their possessions at a garage or yard sale must receive permission by filling out an Application for Garage and Yard Sale form. This permit is free of charge and valid for two consecutive weekends on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Sale hours are between 9 am and 8 pm. The pink sign must be clearly posted in the vicinity of the sale. 

Contractor’s License

All contractors must be licensed with the Village of Bellwood and provide a $10,000 license and permit bond. Plumbing and roofing contractors must also submit a copy of their state license. All electrical contractors are required to show proof of their electrical certification or proof of passing the electrical test. The annual fee of $175 is due May 1 and a contractor’s card is issued. 

Sale of a Property

A pre-sale inspection is required for the sale of a house or commercial business. The Pre-sale Inspection Program Application must be completed and returned. Appointments for an inspection can be made in person or by telephone. Anyone representing the owner must have an authorization letter signed and notarized or authorization on the company letterhead prior to ordering any inspections. The application for inspection is deemed by the village to be consent for an inspection by village building inspectors. If an owner objects to an inspection, such objection must be noted on the application, allowing the Village to seek, from the Cook County Circuit Court, an administrative search warrant for the property.

Fees are as follows: 

Single family home: $175
Duplex single family: $200
Commercial/Industrial Property:
up to 5,000 sq. ft. $225
over 5,001 sq. ft. $225
Single multiple family dwelling: $125
Multiple family building (each): $200 plus $10 per unit 

Once the inspection has been completed by the inspector, the inspection report will be prepared and mailed to the owner or owner’s representative. Pre-sale inspections are good for six months, however amendments to the original report will be made when a situation warrants. When violations or upgrades exist, the seller has two options. In option one, the seller may request the use of an affidavit (see the Property Sales Affidavit) and/or escrow account. In option two, the seller may make repairs and upgrades and schedule a re-inspection. Should all corrections be in order, a compliance report will be prepared.

Once a pre-sale inspection has been prepared and existing upgrades and violations have been addressed, a final water reading must be scheduled with the Finance department. All fees and certifications plus the final water inspection are required before a transfer tax stamp is sold. This stamp is $5.00 per $1,000, or a fraction thereof of full value consideration. Stamps are $10 per $1,000 if closing is done prior to purchase of the Transfer Tax Stamp.

Renting a Property

A property owner who wants to rent their property is required to have a rental inspection. There is a $35 fee for residential properties and a $50 fee for commercial properties. Once the initial inspection has been performed, the report is sent to the owner to make them aware of any violations. Once the violations have been addressed and a re-inspection has been performed, a letter of compliance will be issued.