Sidewalks & Flooding


Bellwood manages the annual Sidewalk Program that is open to residents of homes and apartments, and business owners who want to repair their sidewalk. The estimated cost for replacing each square is $250. The property owner or potential buyer must pay for the full replacement cost of the sidewalk. After measurements are taken, the property owner is billed for the cost of the repair. Payment is due prior to the beginning of the work in order for the job to be added to the annual list. The sidewalk inspection is good for six months; another sidewalk inspection is required afterward. There is no fee for each sidewalk inspection performed. For more information, call the Bellwood Public Works Department at (708) 547-3540.

Business owners and business tenants are required by Village Ordinance 99.016 to remove snow and ice from the sidewalk in front of their building or lot of ground. Most sidewalks are five feet wide, which means the entire width must be cleared.

If the sidewalk is wider than five feet, a five foot clearance must be free of snow and ice. If ice is so hard that removal would cause injury to the pavement, a suitable material must be distributed in the area. Materials such as ashes, sand, sawdust or other like materials are acceptable. As soon as the weather permits, the sidewalk should be thoroughly cleaned and cleared. The removal should take place within three hours of the snowfall during the daytime. Overnight snow and ice should be removed by 10 a.m. the following day.


Many Bellwood residents currently live in a flood plain. Flood plains are designated by the Federal Emergency Management Association. Bellwood has no control or input in flood plain designation. The Addison Creek Restoration Commission is an Illinois state agency that has been studying the impact of Addison Creek on seven communities including Bellwood. Engineering studies and solutions are being sought to mitigate flooding in the village and the region that have traditionally been burdened during heavy rainfalls and quick thawing periods. The commission hopes to achieve a decrease in the areas designated as flood plains. The engineering solutions are phased processes that include a comprehensive series of projects in many of the seven communities. For more information, visit or

Below are a few trouble-shooting guidelines for yards, basements and homes. If you suspect a water main break or another circumstance where the village equipment may be damaged or may be the cause of flooding, contact the Village of Bellwood Public Works Department at (708) 547-3540.