The department -- which is open Monday - Friday from 7 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. -- is charged with maintaining and enhancing streets, water and sewers, and oversee of garbage and recycling in Bellwood, amongst other duties. The primary functions of and services provided by the department include:

  •  Branch collection
  • Forestry – trim and removals
  • Lift station maintenance
  • Light control centers
  • Public buildings/grounds
  • Rod residents’ lines with outside clean outs
  • Sewer-sanitary and storm maintenance
  • Sign maintenance
  • Street/alley maintenance
  • Street lights
  • Street sweeping
  • Tire pick up
  • Traffic lights
  • White goods pick up
  • Yard waste/Grass bag collection

Important Information Residents Should Know:

Deceased Animals
We pick up deceased animals from the parkway area and the alley.
If you have a deceased animal on your property such as your front or back yard; we will refer you to call Carl’s Wildlife Control at (630) 632-1149.
Electronic & Hazardous Waste
Residents can dispose of electronic waste like computers, old VCRs, and other electronic items by dropping it off at Bellwood Street Department building underneath the “Electronic & Hazardous Waste” sign in front of the building.
-You can deposit those Electronic Waste & Hazardous Materials 24/7.
-Residents will not be charged for this service.
Garbage Pickup
-Garbage is picked up weekly on designated days set by your address. Garbage receptacles can be placed outside the night before your pickup day after 6 p.m. It should be out by 7 a.m. on pickup day.
-Residents are allowed one bulk item per week; however, you can make arraignments with Groot for additional pickup at a charge to the resident billed by Groot.
-Replacement garbage and/or recycle cans are available to you by calling Groot at (888) 485-0900.
Cleanup Week
-In 2023, Cleanup Week will be May 1-5 and September 25-29.
--Garbage will ONLY be picked up on your regular garbage pickup day!
-During Cleanup Week, garbage must be outside by 7 a.m.
-Garbage will only be picked up from your normal pickup areas.
-Your regular garbage pickup will be picked up from its regular location on that day as well. Please do not mix regular garbage (for example, food waste) with your Cleanup Week trash.
Recycling Pickup
-Recycle pickup is on the same day as your garbage pickup; however, it’s picked up every other week.
-Recycle carts have to be placed in the same location as your garbage. If your garbage pickup is an alley pickup then your recycle pickup is in the alley.
-A recycle calendar is available at the Mayor’s office or Street Dept. building at your convenience.

If you have additional questions about garbage or recycle pickup, call Groot Industries at (888) 485-0900 or visit their website at

Sewer Rodding
-We offer courtesy sewer rodding if you have an outside cleanout installed on your sewer line.
-Please call the Street Dept. division at (708) 547-3540 to setup an appointment.
-If we cannot get through the pipe then you will be referred to find a plumber to camera your line; however, if it is found your line is inoperable and needs replacement please do refer to the ordinance §51.55.


(A) The proper maintenance and operation of a building service sewer, house connection or sanitary sewer line to the point of connection to the municipal sanitary sewer system shall be the responsibility of the owner of the premises served by such sanitary sewer pipes.
(B) Maintenance means keeping the sanitary sewer connection, sewer lines or other sewer facilities or structures in satisfactory working condition and good state of repair, including, but not limited to, preventing any obstruction or extraneous materials or flows from entering such facilities, protecting such facilities from any damage and keeping same free from defects or malfunctions, and making necessary provisions and taking necessary precautions to assure that such sewer facilities are at all times capable of satisfactorily performing the services and adequately discharging the functions and producing the final results and purposes such facilities are intended to perform, discharge or produce. (`95 Code, § 51.40)
Snow Removal
-When there is more than 2” of snow falls on snow routes; cars should be removed until plowing and salting is completed.
-Residents should not plow or shovel snow into the street or roadway. Place snow on the parkways.


It shall be unlawful for any person to cause, create or maintain any obstruction of any street, alley, sidewalk or other public way, except as may be specifically authorized by ordinance or by the Superintendent of Public Works.
(`95 Code, § 99.20)
Tree Branches
-Branches are picked up on your garbage day. If you have an alley, stack the branches in a pile in the same direction and not longer than 8’ long. If you don’t have an alley, place branches by the curb. Separate larger branches and logs (4” and wider) and place them to the side.
-A contractor cutting down a tree is responsible for hauling it away.
Tree Trimming
-Parkway trees are trimmed year-round.
-We complete block trimming in each section of the village.
-The village arborist will examine a tree if you think it is dead or diseased.

Please give a call to the Street Dept. at (708) 547-3540.
Yard Waste Pickup
-Yard waste pickup begins on the first Monday which is the first full week in April until the second Friday of December.
-Yard waste is picked up on the same day as your garbage pickup day.
-Residents should place a yard waste sticker on each bag. Do not use plastic bags for yard waste; only use biodegradable paper available at local home improvement and grocery stores. Do not place plastic bags inside paper bags.

-We DO NOT hand out biodegradable bags anymore.
-Yard waste stickers are available at the Village Hall Finance Dept. windows.
-Residents must have a current water bill when picking up stickers.
-Bellwood is offering 24 free yard waste stickers per address to residents for the year.
-Yard waste stickers will be honored from the first Monday of April through the second Friday of December.
-Yard waste bags can be filled with grass, leaves, flowers, weeds, plants, and small twigs.
-Yard waste should not be blown or deposited into the street at any time.

(A) Grass clippings, tree or brush trimmings.
(1) No leaves, grass clippings or tree trimmings shall be deposited in any street or gutter, or upon any curb.

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