#WeCountChallenge – Tell Your Story

We Count Challenge

We Count Challenge

New Submission Deadline: May 1, 2020 5:00 PM CST


Win a $100 giftcard and a showcase online.

Submit a poster or video explaining why the Census 2020 is important to your neighborhood.

To enter visit wecountchallenge.com to submit your poster or video.


Every block, every neighborhood, every community has a story. The #WeCountChallenge is one way of telling yours. The #WeCountChallenge is a multimedia contest for the youth of Cook County that allows them to create and share the story of their community, and in the process tell us why it is important to count every person in their community in the 2020 Census. Students in grades K – 12 can create videos using a mobile device, or an app like TikTok; they can create art online, on canvas or on paper. What matters is that it’s your story.

The #WeCountChallenge is open to every student in grades K-12 in Cook County. Bring awareness to the successes and challenges in your community, tell us what makes your neighborhood and the people in it special. Your entries can include your family, your friends or your neighbors. Give us a glimpse into your community institutions and landmarks, anything that makes it the special place that you call home.

The Census seeks to count every person in America once every ten years and we believe that yours is one of our most important stories. This is your once in a decade chance to share your story and put your block on the map.

The Contest is divided into four categories:

  • Kindergarten – 2nd Grade
  • 3rd – 5th Grade
  • 6th – 8th Grade
  • High School

$100 Gift cards will be awarded to winners in each category and runners up will receive special recognition on a digital showcase.

Official Rules

In order to be eligible for the #WeCountChallenge Contest and prizes, the following guidelines must be met:

  • Contestants must be enrolled in K-12 schools in Cook County.
  • Only one submission per student;
  • Contestants must include the entry form with their submission. The entry form can be found at WeCountChallenge.com

Submissions will be organized and judged according to the following four groups:

  • K-2
  • Grades 3-5
  • Grades 6-8
  • Grades 9-12

Students must own the right to use all images used in the poster, and footage and music used in the video. Make sure your video or poster does not contain inappropriate language, images, or sounds. Any and all entries/submissions shall become and shall remain the property of Cook County and their partner organizations.

All entries must be received by 5 pm on May 1st, 2020.

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