Cross-Community Climate Collaborative (C4)

The Village of Bellwood is participating in the Cross-Community Climate Collaborative (C4) initiative, which is a regional collective effort by West Central Cook County municipalities designed to bring together communities to share ideas, secure resources, and drive large-scale projects within and across communities that achieve agreed upon greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions, equity, and sustainability goals.

Click here to watch the Bellwood Sustainability Team's C4 Introductory Video

Mayor Andre F. Harvey - Village of Bellwood, Leader

Tonita S. LeShore - Bellwood Sustainability Team - Chair

Amy Crump - Bellwood Sustainability Team - Support Network

Mark Flores - Bellwood Sustainability Team Lead - Green Generation

Luke Chirayil - Bellwood Sustainability Team, Connectivity

Dr. Victoria Hansen - Bellwood Sustainability Team Lead - Prosperity

Aric Swaney - Bellwood Sustainability Team, Place

Peter Cozzi - Bellwood Sustainability Team, Resource Regeneration

Arnie Brown Jr. - Bellwood Sustainability Team, Living Infrastructure

Residential Landscaping Maintenance Survey

Highlights from Community Clean and Green Day
June 24, 2023