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Full Funding Approved For Grade Separation & New Bridge on 25th Ave.

July 10, 2012

 As Bellwood mayor and as chairman of the agency that worked long and hard to make the project a reality, I couldn’t be more proud and happy for our residents and business owners. The new bridge at 25th Avenue has always been at the center of our long-standing economic development plans to make Bellwood an even more attractive place to live, work and play. 

The bridge will provide a number of benefits and make Bellwood more attractive for existing and prospective businesses. Among other positives, the bridge will:
make it easier and faster to travel along 25th Avenue
reduce traffic accidents and improve pedestrian access and safety
create jobs
eliminate 185,000 vehicle hours of annual delay from 153 daily train crossings
generate fuel cost savings from avoided wait time
reduce impact on vehicles because of an improved travel surface
improve passenger and freight rail traffic
reduce the amount of noise at the location  and reduce vehicle exhaust emissions
reduce arrival times for first responders and speed up the time it takes for emergency medical technicians to transport patients to care centers
As mayor, I will continue to keep residents informed about the progress of this critical project, which we have focused on for years and always believed in. A project of this scope has many phases. Groundbreaking is scheduled to begin in late 2013. According to the schedule, construction will take approximately a year and a half after groundbreaking.

Mayor Frank A. Pasquale

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