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5 Things You Should Know About Dealing With Flooding (February 2014

Spring Is Here: Details About Yard Waste Pickup

·         Yard waste pickup begins on April 1.
·         Residents must have a current water bill when picking up stickers.
·         Clean Up Week is May 5-30, 2014. Trash will be picked up on your garbage day ONLY!  During Clean Up Week, trash must be outside by 7 a.m. Trash will only be picked from your parkway. Your regular garbage pickup will be picked up from its regular location on the regular day. Do not mix regular garbage (for example, food waste) with your Clean Up Week trash. Residents are only allowed to put the Clean Up Week trash out the night before their pickup day.
·         Yard waste will continue to be picked up on your parkway.
·         Bellwood is offering 36 free yard waste stickers per address to residents for the year.
·         Yard waste stickers will be honored from April 1 through mid December.
 Public Works Department: At A Glance

The department -- which is open Monday - Friday from 7 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. --  is charged with maintaining and enhancing streets, water and sewers, and oversight of recycling in Bellwood, among other duties. The primary functions of and services provided by the department include:
  • Forestry – trim and removals
  • Grass/leaves pick up
  • Life station maintenance
  • Light control centers
  • Old tire pick up
  • Public buildings/grounds
  • Rod residents’ lines with outside clean outs
  • Sewer-sanitary and storm maintenance
  • Sign maintenance
  • Traffic lights
  • Street/alley maintenance
  • Street lights
  • Street sweeping
  • White goods pick up

Important Information Residents Should Know

Garbage Pick Up

  • Garbage is picked up weekly on designated days. Garbage can be placed outside the night before pick up, and after 6 p.m. It should be out by 7 a.m. on pick up day.
  • Yard waste pick up begins April 1. Yard waste is picked up on the same day as garbage. Residents can use any biodegradable paper bag; available at local home improvement and grocery stores, or a Bellwood garbage bag. Yard waste bags can be filled with grass, leaves, flowers, weeds, plants and small twigs.
  • Residents should place a green yard waste sticker on each bag from April 1 until the middle of October. The stickers cost $1 each and are available at the Village Hall. Do not use plastic bags for yard waste; only use paper. Do not place plastic bags inside paper bags.
  • Bellwood offers an outside sewer rodding as a courtesy.

Recycling Pick Up

Note the following changes to your recycle pickup:
  • Recycle pick up is now on the same day as your garbage pick up. If your garbage pick up is on Monday, your recycle pick up will now be picked up on Monday, every other week. Click here for the 2013 recycling pickup schedule.
  • Recycle carts have to be placed in the same location as your garbage.If your garbage pick up is an alley pick up, your recycle pick up will now be in the alley.
If you have additional questions about garbage or recycle pickup, call Groot Industries at (888) 485-0900 or visit their website at

Snow Removal

  • When more than 2” of snow falls on snow routes, cars should be removed until plowing and salting is completed.
  • Residents should not plow or shovel snow into the street or roadway. Place snow on the parkways.

Tree Branches

  • Branches are picked up on your garbage day. If you have an alley, stack the branches in a pile in the same direction and not longer than 8’ long. If you don’t have an alley, place branches by the curb. Separate larger branches and logs (4” and wider) and place them to the side.
  • A contractor cutting down a tree is responsible for hauling it away.
  • Parkway trees are trimmed year-round.
  • A village arborist will examine a tree for trimming or if you think it is dead or diseased.
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